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Interviews for Superintendent

Candidates going for interview for promotion to the rank of Superintendent  must complete a competency based self-assessment application form.  Candidates will be interviewed about what they have submitted on the form.  The objective of the self-assessment form is to:

  • Evaluate your experiences and strengths in the key areas defined as crucial to the role of Superintendent.
  • Get a better understanding of what the role of Superintendent entails and how your experience matches into this.
  • Help prepare you for the Interview.
  • Identify areas for self-development.

Completion of this form is a daunting task.  Matching your experience to the competencies within the appropriate area of application can be difficult and time consuming.

At GCBI we can advise you on how to structure your application form and get the best out of your example.  We can build on your experience and assist you to maximise your opportunity for the best results at interview.

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