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Frequently Asked Questions
Each case is dealt with on an individual basis. It depends on how much work we have to do with your application form and interview preparation.  Contact us for your individual price.
We prefer to talk to you before you submit the form but yes we can help you maximise the content of your application form and tailor your interview content.
Yes. We will take you through the interview from start to finish.  This can take up to 3 hours.
You can contact us by phone or email.
We can prepare you through the use of Facetime, Skype, phone and email.
The more time we have the better we can prepare you.  Don’t leave it to the last minute, as we would hate to disappoint you. Ideally, the day you get your application form you should contact us. We do a lot of the preparatory work by email directly with you in advance of the mock interview. This can take a number of days.

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